Services Prices

1. Call Out Rates
    Please CLICK HERE for a list of outgoing call rates to different countries and networks.

2. Phone Number Charges
    Please CLICK HERE for a list of phone number charges for using phone numbers in different countries.

3. Triple Connect
    Internet service is delivered to a data socket on premises. It includes 50Gbyte of bidirectional traffic each month. Maximum speed will drop from 10000Kbps download and 500Kbps upload to 100Kbps download and 50Kbps upload for the rest of the calendar month when quota is exceeded. Monthly quota can be increased in 50Gbyte increments at $5 for each increment.

    Voice service includes one voice number directed to a voice socket on premises. Extra voice numbers are charged according to the table HERE. Extra voice sockets can be added for a set up fee of $20 and monthly fee of $8 per socket.

    Facsimile service includes one facsimile number directed to an email address. Extra facsimile numbers are charged according to the table HERE. Outbound facsimile of PDF and TIFF documents via email are charged at OZtell Default Phone Rates.

    We are only responsible for providing DHCP based Internet access at the data socket. The data socket is deemed to be working if any device can obtain a working IP address by connecting to it. We are not responsible for any service or device that the customer connect to that data socket. Call out fee of at least $80 may be charged for each onsite visit, if the data socket is found to be functioning properly.

    Triple Connect is currently only available in selected buildings within the Sydney CBD.

4. Payment Options
    There is a large selection of payment methods, from cash over the counter at Australia Post to credit card on the phone using Bpay. Please CLICK HERE for a list of payment methods.

5. Transaction Records
    All transactions (e.g. payments, charges, usage etc.) are available by logging on to the web site. Please CLICK HERE to login.

6. Critical Information Summary
    Please CLICK HERE for the Critical Information Summary.

1. All prices in Australian Dollars.
2. Prices subject to change without notice.
3. Prices obtainable from this website are current.