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1. Current Annoucements
2. Sustained Superiority
3. Service Focus
4. More than Just Talk
5. Partner Services

1. Current Announcements

2. Sustained Superiority

OZtell is Australia's FIRST internet phone service provider (since 1997) and we believe we are now the LONGEST running internet phone provider in the world.

For more than 15 years we have been using Internet Phone (also called Voice over IP or VoIP) technologies to deliver the industry's best value phone calls.

OZtell combines our world leading technologies with our solid operating history to provide such substantial value to our members that our competitors cannot even hope to come close in matching.

To see how far OZtell is ahead of our competitiors, please Click HERE for a detailed comparison.

3. Service Focus

Other phone companies focus on using the Internet to decrease costs for their customers, OZtell focus on using the Internet to increase the capabilities of our customers.

Surprisingly, despite OZtell's different focus, our customers still ended up getting the cheapest prices in the world ...

... amongst the functions we provide to our customers to save their time, reduce their complexity, increase their reach, increase their control ... there is also a function to optimise their call costs.

Anyone can provide "Free" calls and "Cheap" calls with the Internet, but ONLY OZtell let you make those "Free" and "Cheap" calls work for you - in ways you never imagine possible.

To see WHY and HOW we are so much better than others, please Click HERE.

4. More than Just Talk

OZtell gives users the power to shape communication technologies into their everyday lives according to their own individual needs and circumstances. It is not about just phone calls, it is about exciting new communication experiences and unlimited possibilities.

Unlike the telephone services from our competitors, OZtell doesn't just provide a simple communication PATH between two parties ... we provide tools to manage various aspects of the overall communication PROCESS - to ensure that it is the most productive one for all the parties involved.

OZtell Services allow people to easily manage the complexity and costs of multiple different communication networks.

Click on diagram below to enlarge:

OZtell Services centrally handles ALL communications in one place bridging the gaps between 4 different networks
  1. Traditional Phone Networks
                        e.g. landline phones and faxes
  2. Next Generation Networks (NGN)
                        e.g. VoIP, softswitches
  3. Mobile Networks
                        e.g. SMS, MMS, WAP, iMode
  4. Internet
                        e.g. Email, Web, ICQ, MSN
Customers can take advantage of increased functions and decreased costs as a result of the synergy between the different networks.

5. Partner Services

Since year 2011, OZtell has merged all our previous end-user services into a single consolidated service called One Click Contact. So we can focus on providing Function Modules and bespoke software development services to our partners

Some OZtell Partners provide their own services (with a different combination of Functions to OZtell's own 1CC Service). These services may or may not be phone related. For example:

Click on diagram below to enlarge:

These partner services are not offered by OZtell and are branded independently by our partners.