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The Phone Modules allows its user to take advantages of the large number of different communication networks available. Allowing them to place and receive phone calls between Normal Phones (landline and mobile), Internet Phones (hardware and software) and Private Switches (phone equivalent of web sites where people can call to either provide information or access information).

Knowledge by Design (KbD, OZtell's parent company) has been operating Internet based phone services since 1997. After 7 years of commercial experience in Internet telephony, the Phone Modules was developed to complement the traditonal and emerging phone networks by providing a smart management layer on top of them.

It is important to realise that OZtell is offering a comprehensive phone MANAGER and not a simple phone SERVICE. We are deliverig a superior class of functionality than both the traditional and the Internet based phone companies.

Phone calls can be intermixed between normal phones, internet phones and phone sites. Unlike other phone networks (internet based or traditional), the Phone Modules has been specifically engineered with the extra features necessary for the delivery of voice interactions rather than just delivering voice communications.

The Phone Modules is cheap and simple to use yet delivering substantial benefits to the user: saving time, reducing complexity, increasing control, expanding reach, gaining functionality and lowering costs.

Call Costs

There are two cost components in making calls with the Phone Modules. Dial-in (that is calling into the Phone Modules) and Dial-Out (that is calling out from the Phone Modules).

To get the total cost of a call just add the two components together. It does not matter whether it is someone calling you (inbound) or you calling someone (outbound). For example,

  • if both dial-in and dial-out is via Internet Phones then the call is FREE
  • if it is Normal Phone calling Normal Phone via Phone Gateways then it is TWO LOCAL call charge
  • if dial-in is Internet Phone and dial-out is Phone Gateway then the call is ONE LOCAL call charge
  • if someone dial-in using Phone Gateway to leave a voice message or listen to email on the Phone Site then it is ONE LOCAL call charge
  • if the Phone Site sends a fax to a Normal Phone (fax machine) via the Phone Gateway then it is ONE LOCAL call charge.

Things really get interesting when you realised that the costs quoted in the above examples (free or local charge) apply worldwide - whether the two calling parties are next to each other or thousands of kilometers apart. So, as long as there is a phone gateway in both cities, only the cost of two local calls are incurred, whether it is Sydney to Melbourne or Paris to Hong Kong.

Basically, with the Phone Modules, the costs of phone calls have become Distance Independent.

Phone Modules Modules

1. Internet Phone Number

Net2MAX offers one of the widest selection of Internet Phone protocols of VoIP any network in the world. Currently support protocols include SIP, H323 and IAX. Mbone, SCCP and MGCP are available on request.

2. Local Phone Number

Net2MAX offers one of the widest selection of Local Phone Numbers of VoIP any network in Australia. All 66 local dial areas are supported. Allowing you to pick local phone numbers all around Australia.

Net2MAX can offer a wide range of service for the local phone numbers you pick. From mapping them to your Internet phone, to turning them into a personal fax machine to turning them into a PABX that will transfer calls to different groups of people (in order or at once) to full function IVR.

3. Shared Phone Number

Net2MAX offers Shared phone numbers around the world. Shared Number is a very cost effective and fast way of gaining global presence.

Caller simple ring a well published toll-free number (like 138813 in Australia) and they can then enter the phone number of the OZmember thus getting in touch with the OZmember toll-free wherever they are.

4. Global Modem Number

Net2MAX offers Global Modem Numbers around the world. With Global Modem Number the user can be online wherever he or she is.

Manager of Phone Networks

As its name implies the Phone Modules was not designed to be just a phone network, but a manager of phone services. Being able to make and receive calls (what phone networks do) is a very small part of what Phone Modules does.

If a competitive comparison must be made, then the post below provides a detailed list:

However, the aim of the Phone Manage is to work with and not against Phone networks. Phone Modules provides a layer of phone services ON TOP of phone networks (normal or Internet based ones), allowing users to get the most from the underlying networks.