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A major problem with current online services is the totally incompatible identification systems they use.

Net2MAX provides Universal Identification to its users, allowing them to use a single number (called OZnumber) for ALL their online activities worldwide.

OZnumber gives users an unified identification across different online applications and infrastructures across all Net2MAX Areas.

OZnumber is the only scalable universal identification in the world, it can be used simply and easily with the majority of IT applications and infrastructures by everyday non-technical people yet has enough power to go the distance with the most complex and rare applications.


  1. Single Number
    There is no need for you are others to remember a large number of different numbers.

  2. Multiple Purposes
    OZnumber is language and device independent, making it operational with almost any user-interface.

  3. Self Selection
    Users can specify their own favourite numbers as their OZnumbers, like their current phone number or identification number.

  4. Worldwide Coverage
    Each OZnumber is unique and functional on all Net2MAX platforms worldwide - making it is THE global identification for online interaction.

  5. Checksum Protection
    OZnumber has a checksum version - making it almost impossible to enter the "wrong" number by accident.

  6. Alias Alternative
    Each OZnumber has a easy to remember alias (word) in form of the native language of the user.

  7. Short Numbers
    For those people or organisations who need to have shorter OZnumbers for whatever reasons, 1 to 4 digits numbers are available to be selected.

  8. Anonymous Numbers
    For those people or organisation who do not want anyone, not even OZtell, to know who they are.


Universal Identification can be used across all Net2MAX Managers. That OZnumber can function:

  1. As their phone number, fax number, SMS number etc. in the Phone Manager.
  2. As their instant computer messaging address, postal address etc. in the Message Manager.
  3. As their email address, file address etc. in the Storage Manager.
  4. As their web, wap, imode address and dial-up modem login etc. in the Internet Manager.
  5. As their identification, authorisation and certification number in Privacy Manager.
  6. As their payer and payee identification in the Payment Manager.
  7. As their encryption and authenication identification in Security Manager.
  8. As their calendar, timer and scheduling identification in Time Manager.

Basically, One Number for everything online.

1. Single Number

OZmember can use the OZnumber to replace a lot of numbers and IDs of different types. Their OZnumbers can be used from scheduling to payment, from phone calls to data storage.

The single OZnumber can function as their

  1. phone number, fax number, SMS number etc. in the Phone Manager.
  2. instant computer messaging address, postal address etc. in the Message Manager.
  3. email address, file address etc. in the Storage Manager.
  4. web, wap, imode address and dial-up modem login etc. in the Internet Manager.
  5. identification, authorisation and certification number in Privacy Manager.
  6. payer and payee identification in the Payment Manager.
  7. encryption and authenication identification in Security Manager.
  8. calendar, timer and scheduling identification in Time Manager.


  1. Rather than dialing the real phone number of a person, the OZnumber of that person is supplied to the Net2MAX Phone Manager instead. The Net2MAX Phone Manager will then look up a list of real phone numbers for that person and ring those real phone numbers in turn.

    Advantages include:
    * The caller does not know the real phone numbers, so the privacy of the people being called is protected.
    * When the person being called has a new phone number there is no need to notify the caller.
    * The person being called can swap the order of the real phone numbers on the list without the caller knowing.

2. Multiple Purposes

OZnumber is most often used to represent individual humans, although it can be given to companies, departments, devices and even to invoices and transactions.
It was designed to identify any meaningful entity (people or things, internal or external) around the world.

Once an entity is given an OZnumber, it can be identified and thus interact with other entities on the Net2MAX platform from a lamp (which can be switched on and off by other entities on the platform) to an invoice (that needs to be paid by certain entity on the platform).

Net2MAX has special tags to indicate the attributes of each OZnumber, thus making their use across different Net2MAX Managers total transparent.


  1. A company issues special payment OZnumber for every customers of theirs, everytime those customers put money into their specially issued OZnumber the money will go into the company's OZaccount instead of the OZaccount of that specially issued OZnumber.
  2. A building has special OZnumbers for different video cameras, allowing them to be integrated into the Net2MAX platform (for privacy, security, storage, internet services etc.)

3. Self Selection

OZmembers can select OZnumbers of their choice for themselves (as long as no one else is using them).

Self selection is useful for people who like to use existing numbers (like phone numbers or driver license numbers) as their OZnumbers. It is also useful when selecting additional OZnumbers for different purposes. In such cases, rather than selecting totally unrelated OZnumbers, people can select "similar" OZnumbers for related entities.


  1. OZnumber can be 1 to 9 digits long and the FIRST digit CANNOT be a zero.
  2. OZnumber uniquely identifies an entity within a single Net2MAX Area only.


  1. If a lot of people already knows about my phone number (02) 92176000 then it might be useful to have my OZnumber as 92176000 or 292176000.
  2. If OZnumber 92121 represents a company then 9212101 can be the sales department while 9212102 can be the accounts department.
  3. If OZnumber 92121 represents a house then the 9212101 can be the lights while 9212102 can be the air-conditioning unit.
  4. If OZnumber 92121 represents a human then 9212101 can be the OZnumber given to friends while 9212102 can be the OZnumber given to family.

4. Worldwide Coverage

An Area Code can be added in front of the OZnumber to enable it to be used on any Net2MAX platform around the world.

The worldwide Net2MAX infrastructure (hardware, software, networks, humans etc.) is made up of smaller infrastructures known as Areas. All the Areas work together to create a single coherent interaction platform that spans the globe.

Each Area manages and supports its own group of OZnumbers independently of each other yet works with each other to ensure seamless interaction. Normally there is one Area in each country, thus OZnumbers within the same Area tend to share some similar characteristic like default language and currency, support network, equipment used etc.

Each Area is represented by an Area Code, for example the area number for the area "oztralia.com" is 060, for "ozchina.com" is 080 etc.


  1. Every OZnumber belongs one Area.
  2. Area codes always have zeros as the first digit and the last digit.
  3. There can be 1 to 9 digits in the middle (between the zeros).
  4. The digits in the midddle CANNOT be zero.
  5. When outside the home area, the OZmember MUST specify the home area code in front of the OZnumber.
  6. Attaching the Area Code in front of the OZnumber is optional when OZnumber is used within its own home area.


  1. Within the oztralia.com area (which has Area Code of 060), specifying just 92121 is the same as specifying 06092121, while specifying 08092121 will mean 92121 in ozchina.com.
  2. Within the ozchina.com area (which has an Area Code of 080) specifying 92121 will be the same as specifiying 08092121, while specfying 06092121 will mean the 92121 in oztralia.com.

5. Checksum Protection

OZnumber supports Checksum which protects the integrity of the OZnumber. This is useful in cases where the accuracy of the OZnumber is important. Particularly when

  1. the interaction is not real-time (one party cannot get instant feedback on the correctness of the number like with email and sms)
  2. there is no secondary identification (there is no need to supply password for verification like with some Interactive Voice Response systems).

In these cases a checksum can be added at the front of the OZnumber.


  1. The checksum is always 3 digits in length
  2. The first two digits are always zeros and the third single digit CAN be zero.
  3. The checksum is calculated using ALL the digits after it (thus if the Area Code is specified, it is protected by the checksum as well)
  4. The checksum uses the standard Luhn Formula (which is the same as the checksum algorithm used by credit cards).
  5. The Net2max website http://www.net2max.com/oznumberchecksum/index.html provides a page for calculating the checksum of any OZnumber.


  1. The checksum version of OZnumber 92121 is 00392121. Where 3 is the real checksum digit and the two zeros 00 in front are to indicate that the digit just after them is a checksum for the rest of the OZnumber.
  2. The checksum bersion of OZnumber 92121 with Area Code of 080 (that is 08092121) is different to without Area Code. It is 00608092121.

6. Alias Alternative

User can specify an easy to remember alias to be associated with his or her OZnumber, which can be used as an alternatively to the OZnumber on infrastructures that support characters as well as digit inputs.

Alias allows an entity to be identified in an alternative way. Alias is normally made up of the characters from the user's native language, so that a person or thing can be identified with easy to remember words instead of a number.

Alias is allowed to be entered instead of the OZnumber on devices that support character sets inputs other than digits.


  1. Alias must be 20 characters or less.
  2. Alias can ONLY be made up of numbers (0-9) and/or characters (lower case only in character sets that have upper and lower cases). No special character or symbol are supported at this stage.
  3. Like the OZnumber, the Alias is unique within a single Net2Max Area and is also assigned on a first come first serve basis. If the Alias has already been taken, a different alias has to be selected.
  4. If the Alias is made up of only digits then it must be the same as the OZnumber, no pure number is allowed otherwise. For example, if OZnumber is 92121 the Alias can be "92121" or "a92121" or "92121a" or "a92222" or "92222a" but not "92222". That is if the Alias is mde up of digits only then it must be the same as the OZnumber.
  5. Alias has the option of attaching the Net2MAX Area Name at the back, with an @ sign in the middle. Say, the Alias for 92121 is "demo" and it is within the oztralia.com Area then the Full Alias is demo@oztralia.com.


  1. If the Alias for 92121 is "demo" then when a web page asks for a OZnumber, rather than entering 92121 the word "demo" can be entered from the keyboard instead. But when the user is entering from a mobile phone then 92121 can be used when the OZnumber is asked for. Net2MAX will automatically detect whether an entry is the actual OZnumber or its Alias.

7. Short Numbers

OZnumbers with small number of digits (shorter number) are is easier to remember and easier to use. Short OZnumbers (those less than 5 digits) are thus premium and are available only with extra charges.

Since everything on Net2MAX is based on OZnumbers. Having a short OZnumber makes much easier interaction on the Net2MAX platform from sending an SMS to receiving a fax, from checking appointments to making payments.


  1. Short Numbers attracts an extra charge, please refer to Universal Identification Price List above for pricing.


  1. Handling a number like 12 (with 2 digits) is always more easier than a number like 658734 (with 6 digits).

8. Anonymous Numbers

The Net2MAX platform is the first to provide comprehensive support for functioning of anonymous accounts within broad-based online systems.

OZnumbers can be given to OZmembers without the need of the OZmembers disclosing anything about themselves. This not only applies to isolated functions (like sending of emails) but across the whole Net2MAX platform.

Basically even Net2MAX does not know who an anonymous OZnumber really belong - that infomration is just not given to Net2MAX to start with. Net2MAX simply refer to that OZmember as a number and all activities logs on the system are not kept.


  1. With the Payment Manager, the OZmember can make online payment anonymously, since cash can be used (e.g. via Australia Post) to pay for goods and services, there is no way of tracing the identity of the purchaser.

    Update: This Anonymous Numbers feature was developed as part of the our continuing research into the perfect online platform. It is listed here for completeness for our beta testers. It will NOT be available in any production systems. The world unfortunately is not perfect, thus there is a high risk that this feature of OZnumber will be used by people performing illegal activities.

    Privacy is still THE major concern of Net2MAX. Net2MAX still provides very powerful privacy tools to its users, so they can function on the Net2MAX platform mostly anonymously. Please refer to Central Authorisation for more details. These tools will handle most everyday privacy concerns (from online dating to complaining about the boss).