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1. Why Basic Phone Service?

Traditionally different telephone accounts are required for different telephone services (prepaid phone cards, phone line preselection, value-added services like phone dating and sending sms etc.).

There are different billing processes and different payment methods, making them very complex and time comsuming to manage.

The Basic Phone Service combines many different phone services under a single account. This single account can also be used for non-phone based services on the Net2MAX platform.

2. What is Basic Phone Service?

Basic Phone Service provides the ability to make and receive calls using normal phones and from computers across different networks.

From this SINGLE account users have access to services across a large number of different phone networks (public phone, private phone, toll-free phone, SIP phone, IAX phone, value-added phone, mobile text etc).

Basic Phone Service consists of two Net2MAX Functions:
  • The Access Number function gives you the world's largest and most feature rich toll-free dial-in network.

    It handles voice calls through normal phones. Click HERE for details on Access Number.

  • The Soft-Dial function gives you the the world's easiest to use software phone.

    It handles voice calls through computers. Click HERE for details on Soft-Dial.
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3. Basic Phone Service for Beginners

3.1 Quick Setup

The member downloads the Soft-Dial program by clicking HERE. The member then enters the given Internet Phone Number and Password into the Soft-Dial program.

For example:
    Internet Phone Number = 8990601234
    Password = 1234
The member is now ready to make and receive calls from both normal phones and internet phones.

3.2 Public calling Member using Normal phones

The Public with any normal phones (landline, mobile) can dial into an Access Number (e.g. the 138813 toll-free number in Australia) and then enter the Member's Internet Phone number (e.g. 8990601234).

They will then be transferred to the Internet Phone number 8990601234 automatically.

3.3 Public calling Member using Internet phones

The Public using most internet phones (SIP, IAX, SoftDial) can dial the Member's Internet Phone number (e.g. 8990601234) directly.

A unqiue feature we provide is Public Account so even those people WITHOUT their own SIP, IAX or SoftDial accounts can call the Member.

3.4 Member calling Public using Normal phones

Members with any normal phones (landline, mobile) can dial into an Access Number (e.g. the 138813 toll-free number in Australia) and then enter the destination phone number they wanted to call.

The destination phone number can be an internet phone number (e.g. 8990601234) or a normal phone number (e.g. 61292176000). They will then be transferred to the destination phone number automatically.

3.5 Member calling Public using Internet phones

The member using the SoftDial program can dial any normal phone number directly and be connected to that phone number (e.g. dialing 61292176000 will connect the member to a Sydney phone number 92176000 in Australia).

The Member can also dial internet phone numbers (e.g. 8990601234) but since Basic Phone Service does NOT include the Web Dialer function, it will only connect the member to internet phones on the Net2MAX platform.

4. Basic Phone Service for Experts

The Basic Phone Service can do much more than the four examples given in the Beginners section above. There are a lot of variations within the "normal phone" and "internet phone" categories.

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The above diagram can be expanded as below:

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It gives the user the reach and flexibility of having many different phone services in one, allowing both callers and callees to pick the most appropriate calling method at anytime.

There are a set of Access Phone Numbers around the world so users can access Net2MAX functions (making calls, sending SMS etc.) either at the cost of a local call or for free, wherever they are and with whatever phone they have.

There is also a free internet phone program (SoftDial) which the users can distribute to their friends and family, so they can be contacted by others (without others having any need to obtain internet phone acounts themselves).

Basic Phone Service users have the flexibility of dialing normal phone numbers, internet phone numbers and value-added phone numbers from a variety of public phones, private phones and internet phones.

A list of features and benefits provided by Basic Phone Service can be found by clicking HERE for Access Number and by clicking HERE for SoftDial Number.

You can add on a large number of extra value-added functions as required. For example, adding the Local Phone Number function will provide you with a local phone number in a city of your choice. People in that city can ring your SoftDial phone for the cost of a local call.

After you have received your OZnumber and PIN, you can test out Basic Phone Service immediately by simply ringing into one of the toll-free numbers (138813 in Australia) and then making a call out.

You can also download the Soft-Dial program onto your computer.