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Although broadband market is growing rapidly, dial-up accounts still have its place as a backup Internet access method for broadband and for Internet access while travelling.

OZtell provide Global Modem Numbers around the world through hundreds of local ISPs overseas. A single OZtell Global Modem Number account can be used to access the Internet via dial-up modem through all those ISPs.

OZtell has two bases in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne) where dial-up Internet access is cheap. Internet Access in those two cities are called Base Access.

Outside Sydney and Melbourne, Internet Access are known as Roaming Access and are subject to the surcharge of LOCAL DIAL-UP ACCESS from the local ISP in the remote city.


Set Up Fee

Global Modem Number has a set up fee of $9.95 (which include 10 hours of Base Access).

Monthly Fee

Global Modem Number does not have Monthly fee

Usage Fee

Usage Fee is calculated by adding the a Base rate with a Roaming rate.

  1. Base Rate
    Base rate is charged for ALL dial-up Internet access (for Base and Roaming accesses)
    Currently base rate varies depending on how many hours are purchased.
    $19.95 for 30 hours
    $49.95 for 90 hours
    $99.95 for 200 hours

  2. Roaming Rate
    Roaming rate is charged in ADDITION to Base rate for Internet Access OUTSIDE the base of Sydney and Melbourne.
    Roaming rate depends on the ISP used in different countries. A comprehensive price list is available after registration under -> Phone Manager -> Global Modem Number.

Usage Notes

For Base Access (dial-up within Sydney and Melbourne) simply configure your modem with the dailing information provided on under Global Modem Dial-Up.

For Roaming Access (dial-up in other parts of the world) you need to download a special Roaming Dialer software (from under Global Modem Dial-Up) that has all the dialing information for all the supported ISPs in the world.

You have to run the Roaming Dialer software everytime you want to connect to the Internet outside Sydney and Melbourne.