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Above is the index page after you login.

Above is one of two Fast Information Areas on this web page. These areas allow you to store frequency used information in a central place where you can access easily from the web, wap, phone, fax, sms etc. etc.

Information are separated into the following categories:

1. Fax Number
2. Notes
3. OZnumber
4. Phone Number
5. Quick Dial
7. To Do
8. Web Link

You can browse, sort, add and delete information items in each of the 8 categories as you like. The aim is to provide you with a quick way of getting at personal online information.

By default, we have set up a Web Link entry for you pointing to OZinbox.

    Label = Email
    Comment = OZinbox
    Value =

You can add more yourself, for example:

    Label = Email
    Comment = Hotmail
    Value =


    Label = Search
    Comment = Google
    Value =

Above is second of two Fast Information Areas on this web page. The function is the same as the first Fast Information Area above. Giving an extra area to list out another of your choice.

By default, we have set up a Phone Number entry for you with our Sydney office phone number 61292176000.

    Label = OZtell
    Comment = Sydney office
    Value = 61292176000

You can add more yourself, for example:

    Label = John Smith
    Comment = Home
    Value = 61212345678


    Label = John Smith
    Comment = Internet
    Value = 89906012345678
Note that with Phone and Fax numbers, it is best to enter full international number
format so Net2MAX can dial for you automatically in the future.


Simply choose the type of category you are interested in from the dropdown box, you are then able to browse the items you have added into that category. All entries are displayed up to 50 rows per page. If you have more than 50 entries in a category, two extra buttons "<<" and ">>" will appear, use them to move to the next or the previous 50 rows. This way you can navigate through all available entries.

You may sort items on any of the three column (Label, Comment, Value) by clicking the "Sort by" links located at the top of each column.

Under each category you can press the "Insert" button to insert a new item. You will get a pop-up window asking you for the Label, Comment and Value of the new entry.

Tick the unwanted item on the left most column and press "Delete" button to delete it.

There is a quick way of inserting web links that point to web pages within the web site. Next to most links you will see the special (web link) parentheses. Just just click on it to obtain the full Web Link pointing to that web page within a pop up window.