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1. Quick Introduction

Dedicated Number gives you dedicated phone numbers in different locations of your choice for people to call you on.

People can call, sms or fax you directly by dialing a phone number that is dedicated for your use in THEIR own countries.

The main difference that sets OZtell apart from other phone number services is the intelligence it delivers behind its phone numbers. You can control exactly what happens when someone rings a Dedicated Number you have picked.

You can use but you do NOT need an Internet phone to receive calls to the Dedicated Number, any phone will do (like landline or mobile phones). In fact, you do not even need to have a phone! An ordinary email box will be enough to receive voice and fax messages from callers dialing into your Dedicated Number.

Dedicated Number also has a lot MORE features that makes it BETTER than other dial-in phone number services. Please refer to the Superior Features section below.

2. Superior Features

Dedicated Number provides more features at a lower cost than any other dial-in phone number service in the world.

1. Fax Support YES no
2. Caller Number Display YES some
3. Called Number Display YES no
4. Web PABX YES no
5. Use Competitors' Dedicated Numbers YES no
6. Multiple Dedicated Numbers YES no
7. Many Countries more 50 less 10
8. Real Time Selection YES no
9. Real Time Control YES no
10. Online Directory YES no

Please click on the orange entries ABOVE to get more details on individual features. Please Click HERE to read usage notes.

2.1 FAX Support

OZtell Dedicated Number support fax machines, so you can receive fax call from them as well as voice calls.

2.2 Caller Number Display

You can see the phone number of the caller if the caller and their phone network allow for to see it.

This is useful when you want to see who is calling you.

2.3 Called Number Display

You can see which Dedicated Number of yours the caller has called (in order to reach you). This is particularly useful when you have more than one Dedicated Number in different cities.

Any other major use of this feature is when you have PABXs on your site, in that case the Called Number Display will tell your PABX which number the caller has called, so your PABX can transfer the call to the right person.

Normally, all phone calls to your phone has a destination phone number that is the SAME as your phone number (which makes sense since your phone is the destination of the call). For example, if your phone number is 899060123456 then the destination phone number is 899060123456.

Some large companies and call centres, however, have equipment that can handle having the Dedicated Number the caller actually dialed as the destination phone number instead. For example, if your phone number is 899060123456 then the destination phone number of the call can optionally be set to your Dedicated Number (6192176000).

2.4 Web PABX

Allows Dedicated Numbers to call multiple internet phones or normal phones (landline and mobile) all at once or in order.

Allows Dedicated Numbers to go into advanced functions like audio conference, voice mail, messaging to SMS, MSN etc.

Gives Dedicated Number the ability to determine what to do depending on the time of day and also on the caller's phone number or the caller's supplied password.

Allow Dedicated Number behaviour to be changed by text messages (e.g. SMS, MSN messages etc.)

And many more features ... Click HERE to access more details.

2.5 Use Competitor' Dedicated Number

There are locations in the world where customers might want a Dedicated Number but OZtell does not have one in those places as yet. In those cases customers can go to our competitors (there are a few of them offering FREE Dedicated Numbers!) and get the Dedicated Numbers from them.

As long as the Dedicated Numbers from our competitrs support SIP (most do), then you can put all the features on the Web PABX above onto it. Making their Dedicated Numbers much more powerful.

2.6 Multipe Dedicated Numbers

You can select multiple Dedicated Numbers in different cities to increase your coverage or select multiple Dedicated Numbers in the same city to provide different experience to callers in the same city.

All Dedicated Numbers can go to the same phone or you can transfer callers to different groups of phone numbers depending on which Dedicated Number they called.

2.7 Many Countries

OZtell has more than 50 countries with Dedicated Numbers around the world, so more people can call you by paying the cost of a local call only.

2.8 Real-Time Local Selection

Net2MAX offers a wide selection of Dedicated Numbers around the world. You can pick as many Dedicated Numbers as you like from the list on the web. There is no quicker way of building up a remote presence in a far away city or an additonal presence in your local city.

For example, you can pick a number in Sydney and a number in Melbourne for your Australian customers then pick a number in Auckland for your New Zealand customers.
You do not have to get a number you do not like and you do not have to wait for your Dedicated Number to be provisioned.

You just select from a list of available Dedicated Numbers in the city of your choice. The Dedicated Number is active for use immediately afterwards.

2.9 Real-Time Control

You can select from the web where the calls ringiing into your Dedicated Number are to be transferred (e.g. Internet Phone, Web PABX, Fax Machine etc.). The control takes effect immediately - so you can quickly test it.

There are many options, for example:

  1. Web PABX automatically transfer incoming calls to different groups of phone numbers in different order depending on who is calling and what time they call you. Playing and recording voice messages allows you to interact with your callers while you are busy. Voice Conferencing allows large numbers of people to discuss issues together.

  2. Internet Phone automatically transfer incoming calls to your Internet Phone Number (899...). Allowing people without Internet Phones to call you.

  3. Fax Machine automatically plays a fax tone and receives faxes on behalf of you. The fax is then sent to your email address. Saving you on purchasing your own fax line, fax machine and related consumables.

  4. Web IVR automatically handles incoming calls and outgoing calls with a full suite of phone, fax, SMS, email, file, web, calendar and payment functions under your control form the web.

  5. Silent IVR is the same as Web IVR, expect that incoming calls are not answered. The caller phone number is still detected however and is supplied to the Web IVR for further processing. The call is totally free because it was NEVER answered. By combining Silent IVR with different Dedicated Numbers, very useful services can be provided e.g. for example, sending out SMS to whoever that ring a particular phone number.

3. Usage Information

Dedicated Number features are controlled centrally by selecting "Dedicated Number" from the drop down menu AFTER logging into the OZtell website.

If you do NOT see "Dedicated Number" in the drop down menu, then you have not subscribed to this function as yet - go to "Maintain Functions" in the drop down menu to subscribe to it.

Once you are on the Dedicated Number page, click on "Help" on the top menu bar to display detailed online help for Dedicated Number.

3.1 Instant and On-Demand Phone Numbers

There are two ways of applying for dedicated numbers: Instant Numbers and On-Demand Numbers. They provide similar functions but different in the application processs.

With Instant Numbers you can select the number for a city from a drop down list on the web. It is available immediately after selection. It covers a smaller number of cities than On-Demand Numbers.

On-Demand Numbers are also applied for on the web but you cannot pick a "nice" number from a list as you do not know what you will get before your submit your request. You will still know the number assigned to you almost immediately AFTER you have submitted your number request.

3.2 Dedicated Number Portability

Currently, Dedicated Numbers are NOT portable by the user to other networks. More details here: