On-Demand Dedicated Numbers
Set Up Fee includes the initial connection fee AND the monthly fee for the remainder of the first calendar month.

City NameArea CodeSetup FeeMonthly Fee
1AGUADULCE848 $20$9
2ARRAIJÁN832 $20$9
3CHITRÉ848 $20$9
4COLON841 $20$9
5DAVID851 $20$9
6LA CHORRERA832 $20$9
7LAS TABLAS848 $20$9
8PANAMA CITY83 $20$9
9SANTIAGO848 $20$9

1. All rates in Australian Dollars.
2. Rates subject to change without notice.
3. Rates obtainable from this website are current.
4. All calls have a maximum talk time of 3 hours.

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