Phone Number Charges
There is NO per call charge for Dedicated Numbers. There are per call charges for some Access Numbers.
Set Up Fee includes the initial connection fee AND the monthly fee for the remainder of the first calendar month.
1. Instant Dedicated Phone Numbers 2. On-Demand Dedicated Phone Numbers
3. National Access Phone Numbers 4. City Access Phone Numbers
1. Instant Dedicated Phone Numbers
CitySetup FeeMonthly Fee
1Adelaide, Australia$1.95$1.95
2Brisbane, Australia$1.95$1.95
3Canberra, Australia$4.95$4.95
4Melbourne, Australia$1.95$1.95
5Perth, Australia$1.95$1.95
6Sydney, Australia$1.95$1.95
2. On-Demand Dedicated Numbers
1ARGENTINAMultiple Cities
2AUSTRALIAMultiple Cities
3AUSTRALIA (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
4BELGIUMMultiple Cities
5BELGIUM (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
6BELGIUM (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
7BRAZILMultiple Cities
8BRAZIL (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
9CANADAMultiple Cities
10CHILEMultiple Cities
11CHILE (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
12COLOMBIAMultiple Cities
13CROATIAMultiple Cities
14CYPRUSMultiple Cities
15CZECH REPUBLICMultiple Cities
17DENMARKMultiple Cities
18DENMARK (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
20EL SALVADORMultiple Cities
21ESTONIA (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
22FINLANDMultiple Cities
23FINLAND (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
24FRANCEMultiple Cities
25GEORGIAMultiple Cities
26GEORGIA (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
27GERMANYMultiple Cities
28GERMANY (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
29GREECEMultiple Cities
30HONG KONGMultiple Cities
31HONG KONG (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
32HUNGARYMultiple Cities
33IRELANDMultiple Cities
34IRELAND (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
35ISRAELMultiple Cities
36ISRAEL (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
37ISRAEL (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
38ITALYMultiple Cities
39ITALY (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
40JAPANMultiple Cities
41LATVIAMultiple Cities
42LITHUANIAMultiple Cities
43LITHUANIA (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
44MEXICOMultiple Cities
45NETHERLANDSMultiple Cities
47NEW ZEALANDMultiple Cities
48PANAMAMultiple Cities
49PERUMultiple Cities
50POLANDMultiple Cities
51POLAND (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
52PUERTO RICOMultiple Cities
53ROMANIAMultiple Cities
54ROMANIA (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
55SINGAPOREMultiple Cities
56SINGAPORE (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
58SLOVAKIAMultiple Cities
59SLOVENIAMultiple Cities
60SLOVENIA (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
61SPAINMultiple Cities
62SPAIN (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
63SWEDENMultiple Cities
64SWEDEN (MOBILE)Multiple Cities
65SWEDEN (NATIONAL)Multiple Cities
66UNITED KINGDOMMultiple Cities
69UNITED STATESMultiple Cities
1. MINIMUM of 3 months subscription period required for On-Demand Dedicated Numbers.
2. ONLY mobile numbers and landline numbers for Canada, United Kingdom, United States support SMS.
3. ALL dedicated numbers support both Voice and Fax, except mobile number and landline numbers in countries Chile, Georgia, France, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Venezuela which are voice only.
3. National Access Phone Numbers
National Toll-Free
 CountryNumberOriginationPer Call
1Australia61 1300 830262Call from Australian Cities$0.09
2United States1 800 5100378Call from United States$2.00

National Call-Back
 CountryNumberOriginationPer Call
1Australia1 800 504041Call from Australian phones$0.00
3United States1 877 7707088Call from United States phones$0.00
4. City Access Phone Numbers
CountryCityNumberPer Call
1BrazilSao Paulo+55 11 39573101$0.09
2SwitzerlandGeneva+41 2 25330112$0.09
3United KingdomLondon+44 20 80997771$0.09
4United StatesNew York City+1 212 4611865$0.09
5AustraliaAdelaide+618 84259600$0
6AustraliaAlice Springs+618 89214117$0.039
7AustraliaBendigo+613 44103073$0.039
8AustraliaBrisbane+617 33057500$0
9AustraliaCanberra+612 61019999$0.039
10AustraliaDarwin+618 79137200$0
11AustraliaGold Coast+617 56132100$0.039
12AustraliaHobart+613 61699300$0.039
13AustraliaLismore+612 66191090$0.039
14AustraliaMelbourne+613 90139300$0
15AustraliaNewcastle+612 40500100$0.039
16AustraliaPerth+618 64614200$0
17AustraliaSydney+612 90112100$0
18AustraliaWollongong+612 42032621$0.039

1. All rates in Australian Dollars.
2. Rates subject to change without notice.
3. Rates obtainable from this website are current.
4. All calls have a maximum talk time of 3 hours.
5. Critical Information Summary

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