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OZtell seeks high-calibre professionals to join our dynamic team.

We are always looking for energetic people to join our hyper-active team in areas like: sales & marketing, technical support and research & development. Clock watchers need not apply. We don't offer you a "job", we offer you a chance to change the world, to make significant impacts on the way people compute and communicate. Of course, we would also like to offer you at the same time a happy and rewarding environment in which you can make those impacts on the world.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best price/performance products and services in the industry. To do that, we need hard working and dedicated people who can conduct themselves professionally.

You will be joining a rapidly growing organisation, although there will be some predefined roles, there will also be a lot of new challenges.

You will be expected to "make yourself useful", working in ANY area where you think you can make a contribution, sometimes even in areas where you think you MAY NOT be able to make a significant contribution, but which need someone to have a go at any how.

Your opinion is important and you have a say in what you do and how you do it. In fact, it is expected that you make suggestions on possible improvements in any part of our operation.

Our motto is "Radical but Professional". Don't follow rules, think beyond them, but make sure that the outcome is of the highest quality.

Working hours can be flexible and you will be given an allowance to purchase whatever you see fit for the company (whether it is books for self-training or stationary for others).

We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate on the ground of age, sex, race or religion. We also don't discriminate against lack of formal education, as long as you are willing to learn. But we DO STRONGLY discriminate against slack attitudes and carelessness.

Salary is negotiable and will be based on qualifications and experience. Bonuses will be available on performance and on special occasions. Generous and flexible remuneration to attract the right persons to this pre-IPO, fast growing and fun company of ours.

To apply, please fax or email your application and resume to (02) 9212 5727 or jobs@oztell.com