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1. Information About the Service
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This summary covers key information about OZtell's One Click Contact service, as required by the Australian Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code C628:2012. It does NOT cover services provided by OZtell Partners under their own branding and pricing.

This web version was last updated on 5-Jun-2014 and supersedes all other versions.

1. Information About the Service

One Click Contact (1CC) is a unified communication service, allowing you to communicate across multiple mediums (phone, fax, web, email, instant messaging etc.) based on your existing phone number.

Unlike other online services, you can mix and match different service providers within 1CC. For example, you can integrate your favourite email addresses into 1CC's Organiser so you can read all your emails in one place, or you can add the lowest cost VoIP provider you can find on the internet to your 1CC's Dialler so you can take advantage of the best rates available at anytime to anywhere.

Great Flexibility:
  1. This service does NOT depend on any bundling arrangements. You do NOT need to purchase any other service along with it.
  2. This service does NOT require any mandatory Telecommunication Good. You do NOT need to purchase any other product along with it.
  3. This service does NOT have a Minimum Term. You can cancel at anytime.

Feature Qualifications:
  1. For extra privacy, you can select an optional dedicated phone number for your 1CC service (so people can communicate with you via that dedicated number instead of directly with your existing phone number). Unless you bring your own phone number (by porting it into our system) this dedicated phone number is not portable to non 1CC services at this stage.

Details about the Service are available at

2. Information About Pricing

1CC is a Prepaid service with some very generous characteristics.

Firstly, you do NOT need to make any payment for up to 2 years while still have access to a lot of its features (from VoIP and PABX to Email and Fax). It is like having a free trial that last for 2 years!

Secondly, if you do make payments into your prepaid account, your credits do NOT expire as long as you have made a payment within the past 2 years. So you not only enjoy the credits that you purchased in the past 2 years but also any remaining balance from before!

Great Value:
  1. This service does NOT have any minimum monthly charge.
  2. This service does NOT have any charge for early termination.
  3. This service does NOT have any roaming charge.
  4. This service is NOT an Included Value Plan. Credit is deducted from you prepaid balance as you use them up.
  5. This service allows you to specify your preferred VoIP providers for calling different destinations. If you do NOT do so, the default costs are:

    • a TWO minute Standard National Mobile Call is 39 cents
    • a Standard National Mobile SMS is 9 cents

    Note the 39 cents above is the total cost of the call, there is no charge for connection fee and the call is billed per second. These are great backup rates when you cannot find providers with special promotions on.

Pricing Qualifications:
  1. Prices are subject to change without notice, please confirm up-to-date pricing from the web page below. Having said that, pricing normally change on a yearly basis and rarely within 30 days. Note all charges appear on your online call records in real-time, so you can also monitor charges like call rates immediately after a call. In additional, batch download is available for detailed analysis at your leisure.

Details about the Pricing are available at

3. Other Information

  1. You can join the 1CC service at
  2. You can get extensive online help at
  3. You can control the operation of your service and monitor your usage and our charges by logging into the web page at
  4. You can contact customer service by emailing or by ringing toll-free 1300 130 118. If it is cheaper for you to call a local number instead of a toll-free number, there is a list of customer service phone numbers in major Australian cities at
  5. The privacy policy is available at while the service agreement (covering usage terms and conditions) is available at
  6. Our complaints handling process is detailed at

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