Access Phone Number Usage Tips
You can make much better use of 138813 if you follow some tips here.

1. Speed up using One-Step connection

If you keep contacting the SAME OZmember all the time through 138813 from the SAME phone, then it is possible to get the OZmember to register your calling phone number as a trusted phone number of theirs.

When you ring from a trusted phone number, you skip the last two steps of using 138813. So instead of
    step 1:   Ring 138813
    step 2:   Select the language of your choice
    step 3:   Enter the destination phone number

      you only need to:

    step 1:   Ring 138813
The correct language and destination phone number will be automatically selected everytime you ring 138813 from a trusted phone number.

2. Speed up using the # Key at the end

When you enter the phone number of the OZmember (in step 3 above), you can get a much faster connection if you enter a # at the end of the phone number (to indicate to the system that you have finished entering the phone number).

For example, instead of entering 01234 and then wait for the system to realise that you have finished entering the phone number. You can just enter 01234# to tell the system to continue immediately.

3. Alternative Access Phone Numbers

138813 is not the only phone number you can ring to access Net2MAX. There are a large number of Access Phone Numbers around the world which you can also ring that provide the same function as 138813.

Please Click HERE for a list of Access Phone Numbers in Australia and overseas.

4. Alternative Destination Phone Numbers

In most cases, the destination phone number you enter is what OZmembers give you in order to contact them via 138813. That destination phone number normally starts with a 0 followed by the OZmember's OZnumber (e.g. 01234 when OZnumber is 1234). This is the Quick Dial format and will connect you to the respective OZmember.

There are 3 other destination phone number formats in additional to the Quick Dial format:

1. Internet Phone Number Format
    If the destination number starts with 899 then it is an Internet Phone Number and the Internet Phone of the OZmember will be contacted. For example, 8991234 will ring OZnumber 1234's Internet Phone.
2. PABX Phone Number Format
    If the destination number starts with 898 then it is a PABX Phone Number and the PABX of the OZmember will be contacted. For example, 8981234 will ring OZnumber 1234's PABX instead the Internet Phone Number.

    Unlike 899xxx which only rings an Internet Phone, 898xxx allows the OZmember to customise the phone call experience for you, depending on your calling phone number, the time you call and the digits you entered when prompted by the system.

    The Quick Dial format above is the short form of Web PABX Phone format. That is, enetring 01234 as the destination phone number is the SAME as entering 8981234.
3. Normal Phone Number Format
    If the destination number start with a valid internation direct dial (IDD) country code then a Normal Phone Number (landline or mobile worldwide) will be contacted. For example, 61292176000 will call a normal phone in Sydney, Australia while 85223120180 will call a normal phone in Hong Kong, China.

    If the destination number you are calling has not been set as free by an OZmember, the system will ask you for an OZnumber (and associated PIN) to charge your call to.
5. Calling from Overseas

When you are calling from outside Australia, you have to enter Australia's area code 060 after 898 (for PABX) or 899 (for Internet Phone).

For example, if you call access phone number +800 4455 1234 from Japan rather than access phone number 138813 in Australia, you have to enter 8990601234 to contact OZnumber 1234's Internet Phone and you have to enter 8980601234 to contact OZnumber 1234's PABX.

6. Looking up OZmember Phone Numbers

If you don't know what destination phone number to enter in order to contact an OZmember, there is a web page where you can search for their OZnumber. You can go there by Clicking HERE.

Once you have their OZnumber, it is just matter of adding a 0 (zero) in front. Unless you want to make use of the advanced functions then you should add 899, 898 etc. in front instead (depending on your needs as described in the Alternative Destination Phone Number section above).

7. When 138813 does not work as expected

1. The most common problem is that the destination number you entered was NOT enabled. The destination phone number you enter into the system MUST be enabled by the respective OZmember. For example, if you enter 01234 then OZmember 1234 must enable 01234 to be entered. In some cases, OZmembers might enable their phone numbers to be entered from one access number like 138813 and not from another access number like +800 4455 1234.

2. The second most common problem is that your phone might have toll-free number barring set ON. Some companies and some phone networks do NOT allowing calling of toll-free numbers like 138813 and +80044551234. In those case, you might be able to call into a City based access phone numbers on our Access Phone Number List.

8. Get customer service by Dialing 0

A special customer service phone number 0 (zero) is available. Just enter 0 by itself as the destination phone number to call and you will be connected to customer service voice menu.

To speed up dialing customer service, you can enter # after the zero (that is 0#) as the phone number you want to call.

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